If you’re planning to start an effective website, then this page is for you! It contains important fundamental information, links to tools and resources, so you can quickly get a good start, speed up the process and start with confidence!


How do you exactly define an effective website? In order to build an effective and reliable website, it is necessary to understand how an effective website should be. Accordingly, the common ground definition is:


It’s about your audience. It’s about user experience. It’s about how their needs and/or wants are met.


In simple terms, it’s the willingness to trade whatever it takes to keep your audience happy. Usually, most start-up websites are built having its focus heavily placed on generating income instead of making expenses. Most people are not willing to trade time, effort and money for any improvement. They’ve built their websites out of failure to meet the needed investment in the first place. An effective website is created by the willingness to make necessary investments and hard work, so one can reap the rewards later.


1. User-Friendly

An estimated average of half a website’s traffic is lost because of unclear and poor navigation. Among the most important navigation links that should be available, especially on your homepage, includes links to the About Page, Product/Services, Blogs and Contact Page.

2. Quality Content

Over a half of your visitors are driven with confidence by rich and/or useful content. And such attention can be achieved in as fast as less than 30 seconds. Make sure to organize your content efficiently. This will help you attract targeted traffic.

3. Design

A credibility of a website is affected by how it looks. It should be appealing and designed with proper layout, color, banner positioning, to name a few, in mind. Moreover, clearly define your message in a way that it can be immediately understood by first-time visitors.

4. Functionality

How many seconds does it take for your website to load? If it takes more than 10 seconds, you’re doomed. Find ways to improve your loading time and browser compatibility. And of course, fix errors and get a reliable hosting. It’s important to satisfy visitor experience.

WHAT an effective website is NOT

1. It’s NOT easy to create an effective website but it can be created

Starting any business offline has never been easy. And it’s actually the same case with having it online. But, in fact, easier compared to offline businesses when built with the right approach and right foundation. Because many of the great resources online are simply not available for offline businesses. So things get really different. Yes, it is quite inevitable to struggle with building an effective website but we’ll do our best to offer you the information you need. However, please note that it will be up to you to take action.

2. It’s NOT a get-rich-quick scheme but you can reap rewards later, probably a lot of it

Successful websites didn’t get successful overnight, literally. It actually took them years of hard work and investment to build momentum and reap rewards thereafter. Rewards that may have been really huge and worth it. But being proactive and committed can help achieve goals sooner.

3. It’s NOT impossible to be successful in building an effective website

After months or years of running a website and still getting zero results, most people give up thinking that it’s impossible to be successful. That makes the difference for those who keep on investing time, effort and money towards their goals despite zero results. Losers think it’s impossible, while the winners think it’s possible. Winners learn from mistakes. Losers give up. Eventually, winners enjoy a dream come true.

Better Approach: WHAT to expect

1. Start Smart

Get a good start. Be smart in weighing the risks and benefits. Start with the right foundation or you’ll have to redo everything from scratch once you’ve noticed something is missing and it had already cost you missed opportunities. Don’t procrastinate!

2. Scale up the process

Have an open mind and embrace an attitude of willingness to learn. It’s best to learn from other’s mistakes than from your own. Seek advice.

3. Recharge with additional functionality

Once everything is in place, develop a habit of investing more towards your goals. Invest on things that help improve your website, save time, make sales and make business easier. One of the most recommended but ignored strategy by business gurus is to invest 5-10% of your monthly income towards your business.

4. Create and Grow Content

Regularly keep things going whatever the results may be, good or bad. Commit to a regular schedule of growing your content. You don’t have to be a genius to be able to build great content because in reality, more C students are successful than A ones.

One of the most important element for your website is traffic. A great free method you can take advantage of is growing passive traffic from search engines. Anyone can do this by successfully ranking their main keyword on page 1 of Google. BTW, you can freely track your keyword rankings here. It’s best if you can work on, monitor, and document your rankings daily. Nothing happens until something moves.


If you’re planning to have a huge online business, then you’ll probably need a secure and reliable domain registrar and hosting. The most preferable by top website owners is GoDaddy’s Domain Registration alongside BlueHost or Hostgator’s hosting.


Hostgator and BlueHost have always been recommended by top website owners probably because they personally trust these companies and have always been planning to go big even before they got started. And surely enough, it haven’t failed them, not once. They always mention about their reliability especially when it comes to security and customer support, and of course, absence of horror experiences with the company.

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