How to Get Your First 500 A Day Organic Visitors

Having worked on several sites, I can say that the singlemost important aspect in order for a website to generate really huge organic traffic remains to be the creation of authority.

A part of the process is Search Engine Optimization which is commonly thought by many to involve the majority work consisting the building of links, but truly enough there are others which are as much valuable like on-site SEO methods I continually use until today.

On-site SEO is a really significant factor that can help you rank for several keywords through your content but still, a lot of people miss doing the thing.

Whether you agree or not, the amount of traffic influences the amount of revenue a website produces. Building a website without a particular target keyword will not get you the organic traffic you long for, ideally. You need to have the right keywords in place with the potential to bring at least 500 visitors per day.

The time you reached 500 visitors a day will be a great beginning towards making serious income.

It can be challenging to perform keyword research knowing that there are but a few with a good amount of monthly searches especially when it comes to niches around directory websites and the like.

When creating your main content, which could probably be the content for your homepage, you must have at least a keyword in place for it. It will be your most visited page on the site. It should bring the most organic traffic.

However, one of the most common mistake several individuals do is limiting the work on just a single keyword for the main content. For me, I would search and create a list of at least 5 keyword variations around my main keyword and have them included on the main content.

Yes, I would rather target a few more keywords than just a single keyword on my main content. It increases the potential of my main content to help in driving 500 organic visitors each day.

What do I mean by keyword variations? They are search keywords that are variations of the main keyword used by varied users in search engines but with the intention of looking for the same thing. Having them should help in naturally ranking on several other search keyword variations along with the others. A single keyword may only have 1000 searches a month, but a combination of several similar keyword phrases can bring a lot more.

Let’s know how.

1. Getting Started

To have an overview of the idea, we’ll have an example.

There sure are better niche out there but we’ll take a directory for cupcake shops as the sample.

Before creating the main content for the cupcake shop directory, I would initially work on the approach below when doing my keyword research.

The first keyword that comes to my mind would be of course ‘cupcake shop’.

I would now go to Google Keyword Planner to see how many monthly searches it gets.


It’s 1900. Good enough for me.

Now I’ll check for any related keyword phrases.

Below are a few other keywords I find interesting:

cupcake bakery 2400
cupcake shops 1600
order cupcakes online 880
cupcake delivery 3600
cupcake stores 880
cupcake store 1300

As you can see, ‘cupcake delivery’ has the highest number of searches and people may simply consider targetting that keyword alone.

But for me, I would work on it in a better way.

I wouldn’t be working on each keywords with the usual way of having each of it’s own micro page either.

I will be working on bringing together all my selected keywords on one big resourceful page as my main content.

Instead of working on a single search keyword phrase that only has the potential to produce a handful of monthly visitors, it can now potentially target even more.

In addition to long tail traffic, the potential would be better.

2. Setting It Up

Before proceeding, make sure to have made final judgement on how relevant are each keyword from one to another.

Considering that the keywords mentioned above are the best ones to have for our main content, let’s proceed in placing them altogether. As you can see, the keywords are all around the same meaning – shops, stores, etc. The main keyword will certainly blend just fine knowing that they are on a single topic.

For an impromptu title to give my content, it may be:
Cupcake Shop Directory

Obviously, it’s based on the main keyword only. But I would now proceed giving the other keywords a look and how could I place them.

Out of the other keywords, I would like to consider the words store, bakery and online.

The revised title would now be:

Cupcake Shop Directory

Cupcake Shop, Store & Bakery Online Directory

When selecting words to include, I make it certain that the words are solely focused on the main idea behind the original title – it is a directory of shops that offer cupcake products.

I subsequently re-target the same keywords within the content.

3. Meta, URL and Plugin

There are some other places where I could include my keywords.

a. Meta Description

You can place some of the other keywords in the meta description. This is the information that will be displayed below the title of your posts and pages in search engine results page.

Browse our directory of cupcake shops, stores & bakeries for free. Some offers ordering cupcakes online. Cupcake delivery should be convenient.

b. URL

Changes in the URL structure can also be beneficial to SEO. Knowing that future posts, pages, listings, etc will be published on the site, we have to make sure that our keywords will appear in the url. Instead of using the default WordPress permalink structure, change it to postname. With WordPress, it can be easily made in Settings >> Permalinks.

Default URL sample:

Postname URL:

c. Plugin

A popular SEO plugin is Yoast for WordPress. It’s something that I’ve been using ever since.

It offers many options where you can easily place custom titles and descriptions.

I like how you can easily control things.

This is how our sample should appear:



There can certainly be several challenges to face in the preparation and creation of your content, especially your main content. However, the results can be worth it once a really good ranking for your keywords is achieved.

Having your main content at the top position of SERPs could seamlessly generate thousands of visitors to your site. Along with long-tail traffic from keywords you didn’t actually planned to rank for, the traffic can be great.

With a good plan, you can now start working on producing a great piece of content followed by getting backlinks. Above is a totally helpful approach you should consider prior to producing content.