It’s true that you can’t find everything in a single page so we’ve tried to come up with a resource page that can serve as your online library. There are several products available over the internet but we made an effort to make sure we have selected the best tools and resources recommended by top internet entrepreneurs. Expect that as we find more, the list grows healthier. It’s recommended you bookmark this page so you can always reference it easily anytime you like.

Disclosure: Please note that some of the links below are premium affiliate products that require purchase in which we are compensated. Do not spend on any of these products unless you feel it may be helpful towards achieving sound results.


  • 1. GoDaddy: Has always been the most popular and leading domain name registrar!
  • 2. Hostgator: The best solution for people who experience a lot of hosting issues. Maybe it’s just time to move. Hostgator is a great hosting provider that offers unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth and unlimited database.
  • 3. BlueHost: Another hosting provider that has been one of the most recommended and has always been on the top 10 best hosting companies. Their service offers a 1-click WordPress installation in addition to their user friendly control panel. They can be easily reached via phone and chat whenever you need them. It’s the best hosting of choice for first time internet entrepreneurs, especially to those who have limited knowledge on the technical side of website development. Another good thing about this company is that they allow hosting of multiple domain names in a single account.
  • 4. WP-Curve: This is for those who seek immediate solutions to technical problems. It literally is a fast WordPress support system co-founded by Alex McClafferty and Dan Norris. WPCurve is something you seriously need when you’re looking for a convenient and easy way to get help with technical sides of your WordPress installation.
  • 4. LeadPages: If you’re planning to create a sales funnel for your products and/or services, LeadPages has been one of the most desired option in creating high-quality landing and squeeze pages. It’s carefully designed with an aim of rapidly converting traffic into subscribers and/or customers. Their software is available for both WordPress and non-WordPress integration.


  • 1. WordPress: The leading free and customizable blog publishing platform available out there. In fact, a lot of websites are now migrating to WordPress due to its easy interface and flexibility.
  • 2. Premiumpress: They offer premium themes from a wide variety of selection that ranges from directory type sites to classifieds type sites, to name a few.
  • 3. WooThemes: Another great premium theme resource especially if you’re into ecommerce.
  • 4. Thesis Theme: The most recommended blogging theme because of its SEO-focused design.


  • 1. Magic Submitter: A service that offers automatic duplication and submission of your site content to several websites in order to get traffic. PR type backlinking service.
  • 2. How to start a blog that matters: An educational material that shows how to grow a website with articles and be different. That’s from scratch!


  • 1. How to make a $1k per Month Business: A very effective course for non-money makers out there who are desperate to make something out of their websites. The goal of this course by Noah Kagan is to get you your very first dollar, where they work with you each step of the way. Yes, you heard that right. First DOLLAR! And it comes with a 60-day money back guarantee.
  • 2. Earn $1k on the side: Another great income generating course is the one developed by Ramit Sethi that teaches how you can earn an extra $1000 a month on the side. But actually, results have shown that many of his students were able to earn more than $1k each month.


  • 1. Long Tail Pro: One of the best leading keyword research tool that shouldn’t be missed.
  • 1. Market Samurai: The best tool that shouldn’t be missed when it comes to keyword research.
  • 2. Long Tail Pro: Another leading keyword research tool that comes very reliable alongside Market Samurai.
  • 3. Keyword Researcher: If you want to know which long tail keywords are the most popular people are searching for, specifically for your niche, then you can add this impressive tool to your collection.
  • 4. SEO Book Keyword Suggestion Tool: Allows you to compare numbers and information so you can chose the best keywords.
  • 5. SEO Keyword Ranking: An easy-to-use tool that helps you keep track of the keywords you’re currently working on.


  • 1. Flickr Creative Commons: A free resource for quality images, but make sure to read the terms and conditions, as well as the photo resource.
  • 2. iStockPhoto: This is where top internet entrepreneurs actually purchase images for their website. The images comes royalty-free.


  • 1. Aweber: This is the most powerful email marketing tool provider.
  • 2. Optin Skin: A top recommended software developed by Glen Allsop that helps website owners easily embed and strategically position email opt-in forms to a site.


  • 1. Google Adsense: An automated way to get ads generated and displayed on your website. Free registration is required.
  • 2. Google Adwords: A Google advertising opportunity where you can leverage keywords and locations in order to target your specific audience.


  • 1. Google Analytics: Google has their own analytics tool too. This has been the most commonly used tracking tool.
  • 2. Clicky: A way for you to easily track people on your site in real time and it comes as a free service for your first site.


  • 1. Sucuri: Hackers and viruses can really be scary, but not with Sucuri. It’s been one of the most trusted brand when it comes to website security. It comes with immediate fixes to any intruder incidents/attacks. Their service includes important security status notifications.
  • 2. WordFence: A free plugin that allows you to block those who tries to login to your website several times (probably using bots to guess your password). It also checks audience activity and determine whether they’re human or not.


  • 1. LegalZoom: Helps to easily get online incorporation, LLC, partnerships, etc. This company is maintained by a team of experienced attorneys.


  • 1. If you’re not a book reader, then you may be better with listening books. It’s now possible with where you can easily browse their great library of audiobooks. They offer a free trial with a free audiobook of your choice!


  • 1. Easy Video Suit: One of the most popular software used in video marketing that works on every device, regardless of browser.
  • 2. ScreenFlow: A screen capture software that has been a longtime tool for many Mac users.
  • 3. Omnidazzle: A free software that allows drawing on your screen.
  • 4. SplashEO: A service that offers professionally designed intros and outros for your videos.
  • 5. Camtasia for PC: Another reliable screen capture software.