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Product Description

An enhancement to the category block widget.

It adds a clickable listing category block widget. Important to those who have a long list of listing sub categories and want them to show only when user toggles parent categories.

– Show Count
– Show Full List (expanded)
– Include Empty Categories

It will be very frustrating for an audience to navigate a website with poorly organized categories. This causes them to hit exit instead and leaves you with a very depressing website bounce rate. A messy category list is not beautiful and a huge turn off!


  • 1. Go to WP Admin Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New
  • 2. Click "Upload"
  • 3. Choose the downloaded file by clicking "Choose File"
  • 4. When file for installation has been selected, click "Install Now"
  • 5. If the newly installed plugin has not been activated, go to WP Admin Dashboard >> Plugins >> Installed Plugins and look for the newly installed plugin. Click "Activate"

  • Settings

    Once activated, you can set its settings in Appearance >> Widgets >> PM Catoggles Block
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