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Product Description

An alternative to the claim feature functionality. You can now charge a fee for listing claims!

Let’s say you’ve just built a directory website from scratch. And for you to add content, you’ve imported several directory listings to make your site appear live and populated. All these listings will be assigned to you being the admin. So that means you can allow users to claim listings anytime!

That sounds great! Now what if you can monetize claiming of listings?

Maybe, company A would like to add more info on the listing about his company and badly wanted to take the listing under his control. He wouldn’t hesitate to claim it, right?

But what’s in it for you? Default claim of listings are free. Maybe, you should charge a fee!

Expect that this plugin adds to the current claim functionality a feature that makes it possible to require a FEE before a listing claim can be made. You won’t be surprised with any complex stuff that makes it so hard to setup.

Another good thing, the default functionality of the Premiumpress themes’ original claim listing feature remains intact, which includes the email sent to the admin when a listing is claimed!

Certainly another readily available opportunity to monetize your directory site!


It sounds useless if anybody for no reason can simply claim a listing, in expense of your time, hardly and carefully placing listings on your website. The claimant should have acquired it for a fee and this can be done automatically. Also, it will surely reduce random claiming of listings by non-real owners.


  • 1. Go to WP Admin Dashboard >> Plugins >> Add New
  • 2. Click "Upload"
  • 3. Choose the downloaded file by clicking "Choose File"
  • 4. When file for installation has been selected, click "Install Now"
  • 5. If the newly installed plugin has not been activated, go to WP Admin Dashboard >> Plugins >> Installed Plugins and look for the newly installed plugin. Click "Activate"

  • Settings

    Once activated, you can set the amount you would like to charge for every listing claims in Theme Options >> General Setup >> PM ClaimFee. Afterwards, place the shortcode provided in Theme Options >> Page Setup >> Listing Page Layout
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